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Summit Wildcat Onboarding Team

Teaching Everyone the Language of Summit!

About Us

What We Do

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We are the Summit Wildcat Onboarding Team. Founded with the intent to create, and upload videos explaining the Summit Learning Platform, with our services being comprised entirely of students. Why students? Because students can give the best advice on the platform they use every day. 

Tutorial Videos

We have a large collection of Instructional content. One of the main pieces we offer is Instructional Videos. We offer a wide variety of videos from simple tutorials to in depth walk-throughs. Most of our videos are also translated to Spanish!

Connecting Students

Using a powerful forum, we connect students, parents, and teachers allowing them to answer each other's questions, create study groups, solve problems, and much more!

Latest News & Events

Make sure to stay Up-to-date on events, newsletters, statuses, and announcements for all the latest in Summit Learning Instructional content

High School Friends

For Parents

Now Introducing Parent-oriented Summit Instructional Videos. We are currently, we are working on developing a strong arsenal of videos that explain how to read and use the Summit Learning Platform for a parent's perspective.


Recognized By Summit Learning

On Several occasions, the Summit Learning Organization has recognized our team and its efforts to educate students, parents, and educators on how to use the Summit Learning Platform.

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