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Members of the Summit Wildcat Onboarding Team are often recognized for their talents, commitment, and dedication to the team. We are always looking to bring on new members to the team! If you want to join please take some time to read our requirements and fill out an application below.

Available Positions

Onboarding Team Requirements


In order to join the Summit Wildcat Onboarding Team, students must uphold a certain academic standard. This is to ensure that the Summit Wildcat Onboarding team does not interfere with a student's academic pathways and success. Additionally, certain qualities, guidelines, bylaws, public image, and morals are required to be kept to a standard. This is because the Summit Wildcat Onboarding Team is an extension of Columbia High School and is endorsed by the Nampa School District. Below is a list of eligibility requirements for joining the team.

 - Minimum GPA: 3.0

 - Home School: Within the Nampa School District

 - Minimum Grade Level: Sophomore

 - Maximum Grade Level: Senior

 - Weekly Time Dedication (Minimum): 1 Hour

 - Must be able to attend at least 3/4 of monthly meetings (exceptions can be made)


In addition to the outlined requirements, members are expected to uphold all standards, public images, follow directions/instruction, and complete work within a reasonable time period. Any student that falls below the Summit Wildcat Onboarding Team's standards or expectations will be placed on hiatus until they have reached expectation/standard levels again. Extreme infractions or failure to comply with the expectations, guidelines, or requirements outlined above may result in removal from the team by school administration.

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