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Forum Moderator & Writer

Work From:


Published By:

Zackary Dent

Time Dedication:

1-2 Hours Weekly


Columbia High School

Published Date:

February 4, 2021 at 5:30:00 PM

About the Position

The Forum moderator and writer are responsible for most of the public content found on the website in forum or post formats. Responsibilities include but are not limited to making news posts regarding updates and large events that directly impact the Summit WIldcat Onboarding Team or Columbia Hgh School, Moderating forum posts and comments to remove, edit and lock content as needed without bias and with discretion, act as support to those seeking answers or support in public forums to the extent of which you are capable, and editing/removing news posts to be relevant to the topic of which they are intended.

If you are unable to perform any of the actions above without help or insight, a member of the Summit Wildcat Onboarding Team management will assist you if needed.

You will also be responsible for the moderation of the platform's users and have the ability to mute users on the platform if needed.

Additionally, you will be responsible for periodic editing of the banned words, phrases, and symbols lists for the automatic moderation system for the forums, comments, and posts to ensure that all words (slang, derogatory, or offensive) are included in the ban list.


  • Ability to moderate a forum with discretion
  • Unbiased opinion on moderation of posts and content
  • Good spelling
  • Good grammar
  • Good punctuation
  • Ability to write 500+ word posts at least once per month

Preferred Skills (Not Required) 

  • 10th-grade reading level or higher
  • 10th-grade writing level or higher
  • Access to the internet at home
  • Ability to react to posts if needed within 15 minutes of their posting or origin (You will receive email alerts when a post or comment is made)


Same form as General Member

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