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Web Developer and Administrator

Work From:


Published By:

Zackary Dent

Time Dedication:

1-3 Hours Weekly


Columbia High School

Published Date:

October 29, 2020 at 12:15:00 AM

About the Position

The Web Developer and Administrator is responsible for many behind-the-scenes operations of the Summit WIldcat Onboarding Team. Responsibilities include furnishing partnerships between brands (Google, Wix, etc.), operating, maintaining, editing, and adding new content to the Summit Wildcat Onboarding Team's website, minor network administration (email), user account management, permissions management, project leadership, meeting scheduling, Google Drive administration, meeting hosting, and team leadership (Where needed).

Additionally, The Web Developer and Administrator helps with the promotion of the Summit Wildcat Onboarding Team's services and features. This may include speaking at assemblies, doing announcements, writing blogs, attending parent-teacher nights, helping explain the platform at parent-teacher nights, and attending Summit Seminars held by the school for parents.


  • Stable Home Internet Connection (10Mpbs download and 5Mbps upload, check at
  • Personal Mac or PC (School computers have a hard time loading our programs)
  • Follows directions well
  • Works well on teams
  • Can meet reasonable deadlines
  • Has decent knowledge of how a computer works
  • Can keep information confidential
  • Can attend meeting regularly, often more than the average expectation
  • Communication Skills (email, Forum, video composition, assemblies, etc.)

Preferred Skills (Not Required) 

  • Wix Web Design or experience
  • SMPT administration (email)
  • Google Suite (Sheets, Docs, Forms, Slides, etc.)
  • Database Management (little/no experience)



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