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Distance Learning FAQs

Columbia High School ONLY!

"As you are aware the greater context that causes our online Distance Learning (DL) opportunity is dynamic and may continue to change. We will do our best to update you as things may adjust or change. The questions below are not an exhaustive list (so please keep your questions coming). If you have a question not addressed below we trust your judgment on if it is a: wait and see or you choose to reach out to us in the front office, your teacher, or ask a friend. We are here to help and sincerely desire to serve you the best we can: (208) 498-0571,, or if/when you can please come on in to our school. We believe working together we will be better and stronger as a result of this challenge."


1. When do we start online Distance Learning (DL)?

• Monday August 24th

• Monday will be like an A day (periods 1 thru 4)

• Teachers will be sending you a Remind message by Monday morning each week with directions and meeting links for you to follow for that class


2. Where and when do I go to be with my teacher and class?

• You’ll follow each teacher’s Monday morning “Remind” directions for the week

• No less than once but no more than twice per week your teacher will be meeting with you as a whole class via Zoom or Teams video conferencing links

• Your class and teachers will meet per the daily/weekly schedule below:



3. What if I don’t receive the Monday morning message?

• As a student or parent you can go to each of your teacher’s landing page on our CHS website. On our web site under "About Us" then "Staff List" you will be able to click on your teacher’s name for course introductions and instructions. We encourage you to bookmark the following page as a favorite:

• CHS:

• NHS:

• SHS:


4. When am I expected to be in class?

• Each time a teacher schedules your whole class for a Zoom or Teams meeting

• Each time a teacher schedules you for a small group or 1 on 1 tutoring

• Attendance will be taken by your teacher for each period per your scheduled meetings (whole group, small group, and/or 1 on 1)


5. Will I be in meetings the entire 75 minutes of a class?

• No. Each teacher will have plans that best meet the needs of the whole class, smaller groups, or individually. These plans will include both Zoom or Teams video conferencing and directions that students will be expected to complete on their own.

• Daily plan guidelines are 20 minutes minimum and 40 minutes maximum of meetings per class each week.

• Weekly plan guidelines are each student can expect to meet (either whole class, small group, or individually) one time minimum and two times maximum per week.

• When your teacher schedules you to be meeting together you will be expected to be present until he/she excuses you.


6. So if the period time is 75 minutes and I can expect to be with my class 20 to 40 minutes, what am I expected to do the rest of the time during that period?

• Your teacher may ask you to receive 1 on 1 or small group tutoring.

• If you are clear on what it is you need to do then you may be released to work on your own and self direct.

• Your teacher may conference with you regarding questions you have.

• Your teacher may be providing feedback to you as a class or individually.

• Rest assured, your teacher will be working and communicating with you and/or your classmates the entire period even though you wont be all together on Zoom.


7. Where do I go to work on my own, find further directions and resources from my teacher(s), and submit my work for feedback?

• Summit Learning is our main source (90% of all courses) to organize and manage curriculum, instructional resources, assessment, feedback, and grading.

• Teachers will use other tools (Zoom, OneNote, Teams, etc.) that will link from Summit Learning or to Summit Learning.

• Our CTE courses are shared district classes and we have our last fourth of staff onboarding this year to use the summit platform – these few classes will be using other learning management systems.


8. How will I know how I am doing with my learning in each of my classes?

• Summit Learning’s platform is the best place to know where you have been, where you need to be now, and what is coming up.

• The platform will provide you the best learning feedback and what areas still need completion and/or improvement.

• Teachers will be putting each student’s overall grade into Power School every two weeks.

• So it is best to go to the summit platform for all the workflow and marks and feedback, and go to Power School for a snapshot grade.


9. Can parents/guardians see how our student(s) is doing and support them by having that information?

• Yes. Your best source will your summit portal parent account.

• Parents have login access where you can see everything your child is learning, doing daily, feedback from the teacher, and ongoing grading feedback. We encourage you to get familiar with all you can access - which takes time and conversation with your child. We can also help. We will be providing weekly and monthly support sessions and information. Or just reach out to us: email your student’s teacher for specific questions per the course and email us ( to help with access and use of the platform.

• Type in the URL:

• Click the orange “Login” in the top right of the page

• Click the “Parent Login” at the top right of the page

• If you have never logged in before you will need a unique username and password that we can provide you in person, via email, or we will be pushing notifications the first few weeks. If you logged in but its been a while and you’ve forgot, the sight has a password reset.

• If you have access questions just let us know:

• If you have resource/learning/feedback questions please contact the teacher.


10. How does attendance work?

• Your attendance is strictly based on the meeting times your teacher sets for you.

• If you do not attend those times per class you will be marked absent.

• So, if your teacher is directing a meeting for you, you need to be there.

• See also, the district’s secondary attendance information on our website under “About Us”.


11. Do I get attendance credit for the work I do and submit?

• No. All your production and submission work will credit towards your grading and feedback you receive per your learning.

• Your work and what you submit is separate from attendance.


12. What happens if I miss a meeting time and will be marked absent?

• Any exceptions to the expected daily attendance are verified and excused just as we have always done, by parents letting the school know. This will still be facilitated through our front office (either by phone 208.498.0571 or email

• It will be your responsibility as a student to reach out ahead of time to your teacher to let them know and get directions to the learning for the time you missed.

• If your absence was unplanned it will be your responsibility as a student to reach out to your teacher after that class meeting and get directions to the learning for the time you missed.

• If you have 6 or more absences per class per semester you are in jeopardy of losing that credit for graduation and there is an appeal process and an opportunity to make up the time you’ve missed (don’t delay in this process).

• If you feel like you have an exception to our general process, procedure, or rule for attendance just let us know ( and we will do our best to work with you.


13. When can I work on things in Distance Learning?

• Provided all the directions and resources from your teacher and our abilities for those courses on Summit Learning, you will always be able to work on something up until that course is complete.

• It is vital you plan to do your work on a schedule that provides you structure and that you do your very best to not miss any of your class period meetings and directions. Doing make up work after you’ve missed it is much more difficult.

• Outside of class time, we suggest you work with a fellow student or in a study group. These can be very powerful for your learning.

• Most ways of demonstrating your work production can happen any time of day or night. On Summit Learning you can take a diagnostic any time, you can show you used a resource, you can submit checkpoints for feedback and projects for completion any time.


14. When can I expect my teacher to be available?

• Teachers will generally be “at work” 7:30am to 3:30pm during school days but depending on their schedule may be busy.

• Your teacher will be available to you during your scheduled class period. Just like in a normal school period it is best if prior to class or towards the beginning of class that you let your teacher know if you have a specific need or question and then ask when would be the best time for them to be more available to you.

• If it isn’t your scheduled class period just like the regular school day, during another class session, you can check (Remind, email, etc.) to see if they are available but they may be busy teaching.

• Weekly office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 2:45pm to 3:30pm.

• If you reach out after 3:30pm please do not expect a response that day as our teachers need time and space for themselves and their families too.


15. Where can I work?

• Again, structure and consistency for you will be a big help. Home or other public places have advantages and disadvantages just like different locations in school. So we encourage you to be self-aware to places that will consistently allow you to focus and be productive. Turn off, turn away, and/or be in a place free from distractions.

• A place that has all your supplies and what you have been working on or what you will need to work with. It is strongly suggested this be a consistent location where you can be successful.


16. Will the teacher be teaching and students be interacting all period, every period?

• Yes and No

• Teachers will be interacting with students all period but it will be a purposeful plan and vary from whole group or small group or 1 on 1. There are many modes of interaction as well so a teacher may not be video conferencing for all of those modes.

• Students can expect to have 20 to 40 minutes possible per each period where they may interact with their teacher and fellow classmates. And the remaining portion of the period students are expected to interact with their learning in a self-directed manner if needed the rest of the period. If that interaction is not needed then they can choose to work ahead, rest, or work on another class.


17. What are solutions if I do not have reliable Wifi?

• We will be checking out hot spots to those who have completed the hot spot user agreement with accompanying insurance.

• The Nampa School District will be increasing the coverage strength at most school buildings for those who live close or can get to a building and work comfortably nearby.


18. Who will be approving my Power Focus Area (PFA) test requests?

• Your course teacher is the only person who will be approving you to take your power focus areas. For example: your English teacher is the only course teacher who will approve you to take an English PFA.

• If you feel like you have an emergent need to take a PFA please contact the front office and we will do our best to assist you in getting word to your course teacher.

• Remember that when you request a PFA the system doesn’t message or ping your teacher. You will need to email them or send them a message in Remind to let them know you are ready.

• While we are doing DL, Mentors will not be approving PFA’s.


19. What is the purpose of teacher Office Hours?

• It is a scheduled time in the teacher’s work day to meet with students and parents via an instant message chat, video conference, or phone call.

• Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 2:45pm to 3:30pm. To set a time with a teacher please email them directly.


20. What do I do if I have a hardware or software issue?

• It may not be a major issue or is happening to others, so check in with some of your peers first to see if it is easily resolved. If you haven’t rebooted for a few days, try that first.

• If not, inform your teacher so they are both aware or may already be aware and know the solutions.

• For as long as we are doing DL, if the issue persists or isn’t resolved then reach out to our help desk via email:

• Or call: (208) 468-4777


21. How will Mentoring work during DL?

• All Mentors and mentees assignments to houses and families will continue. For the most part all mentor houses will roll up with their same group and mentor.

• Mentoring day is Wednesday and will be directed by your Mentor teacher. They will be scheduling whole house meeting times and 1 on 1 check in times. Don’t miss either to avoid being marked absent for that day.


22. How can I get help in person?

• For as long as we are allowed/able your school’s front office will be open to you.

• We hope to meet your needs. But for sure we look forward to listening and helping out the best we can.

• Depending on the state of affairs some, many, or all teachers will be working remotely. But our front office will have administrative staffing every day we are open. Please contact

• Hours are slated to be Monday through Friday 7:30am to 3:30pm or by

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