Our Story

Where it all began
Before the Summit Wildcat On-boarding team was a thing it all started with an idea. Let's go back to the beginning when all of this seemed to be just a crazy pipe dream. It all started when our school (Columbia High School) decided to switch over to the Summit Learning Platform. There was mass confusion and backlash from students about the changes. No one knew how to use the platform except for the teachers- who even then had received minimal training. Fast forward a year or two and now there are a few students and teachers that know how to use the platform quite well, but the newer generations of students did not know how to use it at all, and not all students could teach the new students how to use it. Between the few students, teachers, and support staff we were making progress but not enough to be able to teach all students how to use the platform. That is when our Principal, Mr. Cory Woolstenhulme suggested the idea to make instructional videos for students to be able to learn to use the platform.


A team is formed

Our Principal decided to reach out to the students to get together and help in the creation of instructional videos, that would help other students to learn how to use the Summit Learning Platform. And of corse students came in droves to participate in the creation of the videos... is what we wished would have happened. Instead the team was founded with 2-3 students, and our amazing mentoring teacher Mrs. Janette Stevenson. Thrown into the deep end, the team started creating videos to upload to teach other students how to use the Summit Learning Platform. Originally starting with 3 or 4 videos, it wasn't enough. 

Expanding the team

Fast forwarding another year later the team now has about 11 members, as it does today. With over 10 videos and 10 Spanish videos we are ever expanding our video content arsenal. It was time to step into the spotlight and make a name for ourselves. After many failed, embarrassing, and down right funny name suggestions we settled on the Summit Wildcat On-boarding Team. Now with a name and content to share... we quickly realized we have no where to put the content.

Getting our content out there

After some discussion we had settled to place the content on our school's website. After some convincing we were able to get the content on the website for all students to see. The only problem was that no one could see it. While yes, it was there, it was not in a place that was easily accessible. It was buried in sub-menus and pathways that lead to nowhere. That brought us to our second problem, we wanted to be able to share our content with other people who may find it useful as well. Certainly, no one was going to go from school website to school website looking for instructions on how to use the platform. So that is when decided to make our own website to host our content for all the world to access. After the decision was made we began production on our new website to host our content for everyone to access. With the help of our fellow peer, Zackary Dent- our System Developer and Administrator- we made this website with the intent to be able to help students, parents, and teachers, better understand and use the Summit Learning Platform.

Our plans for our future

As we ever grow and expand, we aim to offer more services and educational content. We will continue to update and maintain this resource with newer generations of students at the wheel. We will make sure to deliver quality content and services to students, teachers, parents, or to anyone who uses the Summit Learning Platform or wishes to learn about it.


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