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Parent-oriented Tutorial Videos

Welcome to the Parent-oriented tutorial video section. This is a place where parents see videos for parents on how to use the Summit Learning platform. Many people asked for a parent-oriented side of the educational videos, so here it is! We will be adding more videos to this section in the future. Please feel free to give us suggestions on what you want to see!

How to Read Summit

How to Read Summit

In this video we go over how to view, navigate, and read Summit as a parent. This video explains how to get the information you want, how to read that information, and how to analyze it. This is the first of many parent videos to come.

Thank you for checking out our Instructional Videos! We are always updating our videos to be better quality, include more content, and look more professional. If you have any feedback, issue reports, or suggestions please fill out a contact form using the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page.
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