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College Vs Trade School

-College may not be for everybody, but some form of education is needed for a non-minimum wage job.

(Before you read, remember that this is an opinion, and it is your job to decide whether my advice fits with your after-school plans).

There has been a big push for people to go to college. That is great, but it isn't for everybody. But I believe that you still need some form of training or education to move up from a minimum wage job to a more specialized job.

The choice is up to you. You need to look at what you want to do and look at your different options after you graduate. Many types of jobs need a college degree like doctors, engineers, and lawyers, but there are also many jobs where there are cheaper options. Most of these would mean going to a trade school to learn the trade you would like. Now, this is in most cases. There are a few times where you can get a specialized job that is on-the-job training, or get hired by family or a friend that would teach you on-the-job.

There are many factors to look into, but the main thing to look at is, does the job that I want to do require me to go to college, or does a trade school still train me, but cheaper. These are the most common choices to move from a minimum-wage job.

Again this is an opinion, so you could argue that you could have a minimum-wage job and be fine. That is fine if you want to do that. In my opinion, that is not smart. I think that a minimum-wage job is designed to teach you the basics of having a job so you can be specialized in a better job. The reason for this is anyone can do something like cleaning tables. Those kinds of jobs are no-skills jobs or jobs that do not need any kind of special skill or talent.

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