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How to Finish the Year with a Green Screen

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

(Before you read, remember that this is opinion, and it is your job to decide whether my advice fits with your learning style).

Hello Fellow Wildcats,

Whether you are new to Summit or are coming back for another year, it helps to hear different strategies to get through the school year. I am sure every one of you would like to pass all of your classes this year and not have to go to summer school for credit completion. That is why I would like to share with you my strategy for not only passing your classes but getting good grades in them as well.

Just so you know that you can believe me, I managed to almost complete some of my classes in the first semester Freshman year, and almost complete the focus areas for one class a year ahead. Granted, it helped that I knew a lot of the content for that year beforehand to finish so fast, but my strategy helped as well. Now, I don't like to brag, but it also helps to know that it works instead of just hearing something from anybody since anybody can just spout out words and call it advice.

Now, remember that each year is different, so it is okay if one year you do better than other years. That is what happened with me. My Freshman year was the best year for me, and I didn't get that much done in any other year. That is why I showed that as my example (along with it being the only year I had 4 classes on Summit making the picture easy to take).

My first piece of advice is to take advantage of the slow start in-class work. Right from the beginning of the school year, I suggest taking the diagnostic tests for every power focus area that you have, or at least the first several in every class to start. This will set you up to know what objectives you need to work on, and what you only need to refresh before you take the actual tests. This will make studying so much faster and more efficient.

Another piece of advice is, don't be scared of the blue line. If you ever fall behind, don't worry. You can get back on track. Everyone learns at different speeds; that is just the suggested deadlines to keep you on track. I suggest that you try to stay ahead of the line, so if you fall behind, you are still on track. Remember that you can pass focus areas out of order to stay on track.

Similarly, I suggest trying to take as many additionals as you can. Depending on your circumstances and how many you pass, it could boost your grade by a whole letter. I personally find it easier to pass the additionals right after the power focus areas that are either similar or a simpler version of the same test. This way your mind is already right on the same topic, and you should just need a little more study to pass the additional.

I also suggest that if you can't pass a focus area after two times, then take advantage of those who have, along with your teacher. They can help you to learn. If you have trouble knowing who has passed the focus area, look at the bottom right at the " Students who can help " section. If other students and the teacher didn't help, and you still can't pass the focus area, then take a break from it. Move onto an easier focus area and come back to it. That way if you try to pass as many as possible early, then when you get to those focus areas that you just can't pass, then you have extra time to pass them while still not worrying about the line.

My final suggestion is to always try and use those around you. There will always be other students that are also trying to pass the same focus areas. Create study groups, seek help to understand the tests from those who already passed them, and sometimes you may help others with other focus areas that you understand. Everyone needs help from time to time, so don't be afraid to ask for it, or to give your help. You might find that you are helping others to learn when they try to learn with you or to help you learn.

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