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Our Vision...

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Our vision for this team is that we will provide Columbia High School with resources to help all students, teachers, and parents to better use and understand the Summit Platform. We hope that this will help enable students to learn better, teachers to teach more effectively, and allow parents the opportunity to become more involved with their kids' education so they can support them more.

We also envision a team that is a helpful resource both in-person and online to help with summit questions. We envision our team to be a possible third-party for students to go to if they feel lost and are afraid to tell their teachers or mentors, or if they disagree with how some teachers use Summit.

We envision a team with a connection to the school board and Summit itself to provide insight on how our school uses Summit, and give suggestions. We picture having teachers, parents, and fellow students being able to give suggestions to us for ways our school can use Summit better, or suggestions for the website or the Summit Platform.

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