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Support Member

Work From:


Published By:

Zackary Dent

Time Dedication:

0-1 Hours Weekly


Columbia High School

Published Date:

February 8, 2021 at 5:15:00 PM

About the Position

A member of the Summit Wildcat Onboarding Team that is responsible for responding to support requests from community members, parents, teachers, and students regarding the Summit Learning Platform. You will respond to support requests via email, forums, or other specified forms of communication. Support may include helping users with the Summit Learning platform to an extent of which you are capable. For any questions or support requests that require skills or permissions above your level, you will re-direct them to the office staff.


  • Stable home internet connection
  • Grammar and spelling skills
  • Basic Understanding of the Summit Learning platform
  • Ability to communicate professionally through forums and emails.

Preferred Skills (Not Required) 

  • Professional Communication
  • Abiility to answer tickets and support requests within 3 hours


Same form as General Member.

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