Distance Learning FAQs

Updated: Mar 10

Hello everyone,

After hearing some of your questions the staff at Columbia High School have comprised an FAQ that contains most of the questions you guys are asking regarding Distance Learning. Principal Cory Woolstenhulme recently sent out an email containing these FAQ Questions, we have enhanced it and published it here on our website for your convenience. Additionally, some students and parents mentioned that they are not receiving these kind of critical emails, if this is your case please make sure to email chssecretaries@nsd131.org to get put on the email list or to correct an old/typo email address.

Make sure to check out our Distance Learning FAQ and familiarize yourself with the process. If you have any questions on the FAQ please email chssecretaries@nsd131.org for clarification or support. Hopefully, this is only a temporary solution as we would like to see you all in person very soon!

See you in the halls!

- The Summit Wildcat Onboarding Team


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